mission statement

our mission is to show that all men and women have the right to serve the Livin' God.

god loves the freaks as well as the "normal"

" i came to confound the strong with the weak "

he came to expose the normal (status-quo) by using the strange ones (down & outers) to usher in his glorious kingdom

jesus came to end religion as a way to god. to rid us of a system that judges people by external qualities and actions.

he instead came to show us all how to love god with all we got and love our neighbor as ourselves (our neighbor is all we come in contact with).

we try to invite all types of people into the kingdom (people that the status-quo church tends to hate, ignore or genuinely doesn't know what to do with).

we include the homeless, the mentally and emotionally challenged, the drug and alcohol addicted, the abused, the un-cool, the cool, the tragically hip, the very young, the old, the poor, the rich, the freaks, the punks, the goths, ect.

if we didn't name you send us an email and we'll add you here.




~rejected by the in-crowd~

blow the horn!
jesus has shown us love!


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